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Do I get my own meat back?


YES, We do not and have never mixed meat. Everything is kept separate from the moment you drop off your deer to the time when you come and pick up the finished product.

Do I need a tag?


Yes, You have to have the tag with the animal when you show up to Klein’s. Hunters who give any part of a game animal or game bird to a taxidermist for mounting must attach a WRD (not the tag from the hunting license or permit) to the part. The Tag must stay with the bones of the animal, not the head.



A tag is not needed for exotic’s (ie: Axis, Blackbuck) or boneless meat.

A hunting license is required at drop off.

Do you process hogs? 

No, we do not process hogs.

Do you process exotics?

Yes, we process all exotics, from Sika deer, Bear, Buffalo, Nilgai, Axis, Fallow deer and Blackbuck.

How much does deer processing cost?

Prices can range from as low as $120 for standard processing which includes hamburger and steaks, to as much as $450 for an all dry smoke sausage order. Average processing costs between $200 and $250 depending on the type and quantity of sausage that is ordered.

*prices subject to change without notice. this is an example price for average sized animal..

Do you accept animals with hides on?

NO….. We have been processing deer from the same location since in 1978, and because the neighborhood has grown up around us we do our best to be respectful of or neighbors. We only accept deer without hide on, quartered or boneless meat only.

How long does it take to get my animal back?

Standard Processing (Burger and Steak only) typically take between 1 week

Standard Order with Smoke Sausage or Pan sausage order 3-5 weeks


Standard Order with dry sausage take 4-6 weeks

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